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Share your experience of Chapter 03
Please rate your overall experience of Chapter 03
Among the 4 releases so far, ho high would you rate Chapter 04(1 being the highest rank)
Which part/parts did you enjoy reading
Which part/parts did you NOT enjoy reading
How is the pacing?
Poor, damn slowGot boring in patchesGood & GrippingKept me hooked every momentAbsolutely pacy! Read in a flow
How much could you connect emotionally to the chapter?
Not at allA little bitI could connect fineI felt very connectedI was immersed in the character's life!
How fun to read was the chapter?
Not at allVery littleIt was fun!I was LOLing so many momentsI was ROFLing so many moments
How intriguing was the ending?
Not at allVery littleIt was fairly intriguing!Eagerly waiting!Please tell me already
How appealing were the illustrations?
Not at allVery littleIt was appealing indeed!Damn appealing, love em!Simply outstanding!
How satisfied are you with how the story is progressing?
Not at allVery littleSatisfied!Very satisfied!Extremely satisfied!

Thanks for your feedback! :)

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